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Our Products

Below are some of our products that can be completely customized to your needs OR we can build a totally custom cloud product for you in days – FREE of cost, pay only for monthly usage!

Accounting Software

Easy single form management of all your entries – quick and fast.

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Inventory Management

Live, Realtime Inventory and rules based inventory for maximum Sales

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Human Resources Management

Manage your human resources in a way that makes them happy

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Sales Management

Double your topline by having your sales at your finger tip.

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Procurement Management

Budgets and plans based procurement with alerts to avoid delays and save money

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Customate is a revolutionary platform that allows business professionals to create totally custom and highly complex, end to end software automating businesses without involving IT at all, and, yet at least 10 times cheaper and faster!

Our platform allows the making of software in a stress-free collaboration with the users making changes till they are satisfied. In fact, it is forever flexible - it allows continuous changes in future to evolve with the changing business needs over time.

Customer Insights

Similar businesses do the same thing in very different and specific ways. They gain a lot if the business is automated to encourage and enhance the strengths of these well-established practices.

01 Bygging Inventory

The company has 2 manufacturing units where they make hydraulic jacks and a turnover of over 50 cr. They use a lot of different items, especially steel products like rods...

02 Vinayak Tubes Sales

Another customer of ours had some unique requirements. It’s a fairly large stockiest and trader of steel pipes and tubes. Turnover of close to 100 cr.

03 NGO Automation

A firm consulting NGO’s approached us to create a product for the NGO’s automating their program-wise functioning as there was nothing like that in the market.

04 Intermind

Our web designing company that’s an IT company wanted a Order management software to Keep track of the orders, delivery and payment milestones...

05 Bluefeather

A small follow up system for a company that needs to have its lead generating people to constantly make cold calls and follow up with potential customers.

Why Businesses Love Us?

Other than costs and speed, we bring host of totally unique benefits to our customers, something you won’t find in any other cloud/SaaS or in-premise product

  • User Driven

    Easy use-and-change implementation for complete user satisfaction

  • Comprehensive

    Let one system automate every part of your business seamlessly

  • Forever Flexible

    Change software every time your processes or strategies or business itself change

  • Learning & Evolving

    Add your business learning directly in to the system constantly improving it

  • Easy Integration

    Integrate with existing software easily wherever needed

  • AI supported

    Let our AI engine guide your business with insights and predictions

Customer Speak

  • We were having a lot of trouble maintaining our inventory in general and our steel in particular because our steel – rods, pipes, plates were getting cut into various sizes at various stages. We wanted to track them in 3 units of measurement at the same time and with Customate's System we are able to do it! Talked to many vendors but no one was willing to do this – all exhorted us to get some custom software made – so, thank you Customate!

    Dipak Modi, MDBygging Infra Pvt Ltd

  • In our new warehouse we had to maintain the proper traceability of each of our products that come from various manufacurers and often are mixed while storing. Pipes and tubes have many conventions while specifying them and we needed a way to do it. Customate build a custom program in a very short time and we were on our way!

    Arun Sarawgi, MDVinayak Pipes and Tubes Pvt Ltd

  • We make custom clothing solutions for our clients all over the world, we realize how tough it is to do such custom work. Yet, Customate built a very specific software for us in quick time which helped our Sales people follow up and track our leads and record all interactions thus keep us on top of finding new clients constantly.

    Bluefeather Clothing Solutions, Proprietor

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