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We have a dream that every organization is entirely process based and the processes automated in a totally custom manner; and that such automations are constantly improving and evolving with help from artificial intelligence and data analytics (with data from human and non-human sources).

To make our dream come true we created a cloud-based platform that lets process people easily and very cost effectively automate entire businesses in an evolving manner and then connect with other such automated businesses for maximum benefits, all without involving IT.

  • With our platform, ONE system can cover most of the business processes, big or small, connect with other automations in the ecosystem, guide and predict using artificial intelligence and changes or improves with changing business requirements or environment. See video to know more.

  • In today's cut throat competition every business needs to be efficient and automated. It needs to make use of all its data to guide it towards a secure and successful future. See why automating using Customate platform is becoming increasingly important and hear from businesses how it benefits them.

Our Story

Our story starts with our Founder, Vivek trying to automate the shopfloor of his heavy industry. Having very specific needs of an intelligent and highly automated software where humans are basically used to make decisions and are automatically provided the right data to support the decision making, Vivek was surprised to find that for businesses limited by resources and time, it's very tough to get such bespoke and complex rules based software. That's when he started pondering over a tool for business people to automate businesses on their own. Rest, as they say, is now history!

CEO Speak

Crazy as it may sound, it is now possible!

Yes, it may sound like a crazy idea to let non-programmers build software, but our team is making it happen. Our hard work and persistence is now finally paying off when we can pull off the magic of providing our customers custom products in days and not weeks. After more than 2 years, we can taste the fruits of our labour and we couldn't be more excited to grow bigger and better.

Vivek Jalan Founder/CEO

Vivek graduated from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras and later pursued his MBA at UT, Austin. He worked in Silicon Valley for some time before moving back to Mumbai to re-join his family business. However, nowadays he is totally devoted to Customate Systems believing that his product can not only change the way businesses acquire and use software but it can also have a big impact on the productivity of companies big time on its own.

Omkar Adgaonkar Senior Programmer

Omkar graduated in Computer Science from Mumbai University and since then has worked with big companies concentrating on process automation software programming and customization. It has got awards for using new technologies and has single-handedly developed, deployed and maintained systems for clients previously.
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Revolutionary Technology
Benefit to Customers
Demo Video
Revolutionary Technology
Benefit to Customers
Demo Video