About Us

We are a startup in Mumbai, India who have been working on a unique and ambitious project - to eliminate coding from business process automation. Many have tried before and there are many BPM (business process management) products that exist and are used by technical IT folks to make automation software making faster and more effcicient. Yet in this hitech day and age of self sufficiency, businesses are still highly dependent on IT teams to get anything done and are still saddled with exhorbitant IT costs.

4 years back, we started our journey to change this very predicament that businesses all over the world find themselves in. After much research and study, we came to the conclusion that something could actually be done about it. And since then we have been diligently at it and, dare we say, successfully so. To our surprise and grand delight, we found that trying to solve one problem was actually helping us solve many in one go.

One major problem faced by businesses is that the software does not match the way they do their business thus forcing them to change their processes. Because cusotm programming is so time consumming and costly, people settle with readymade ERP's, CRM's which are beneficial but also call for a lot of changes - not always beneficial - to the way business was being done earlier. Its obvious that these pre-cooked meals do nto cater to every taste and forces businesses ot change their taste and this often has adverse effect on their culture and consequently, on their profits.

Plus, since these readymade products are made to be used by many different businesses, they cater to only the main processes of a company and various small and unique processes are left out. This means that a company is never 100% automated or connected (or integrated) unless a lot of custom programming is done - not really pursued by many businesses.

Another big problem that businesses have so far found no answer to is the problem of "static" software to take care of essentially "dynamic" nature of business operations today. Everythign changes, but the software reamins rooted to what it was when it was conceived - a highly undersirable situation to be in.

Our platform, turns this problem on its head to such an extent that from changing software to match well established processes, now the software can be changed to enable new strategic goals and to enforce changing rules and regulations. Now, thats a first!!

To top it all, normally the time for custom automation can be huge, especially if cusotmization is involved. However, our platform allows any trained processes person to create complex software in a jiffy such saving tremendously on time and money.

Our Team
Vivek Jalan

The driving force behind Customate, Vivek was inspired by his personal struggle trying to automate his company's processes to envision a product that will give the business folks the capability to create their own software managing all the business processes in their companies. Crazy as it may sound, it is now possible! Vivek graduated from IIT, Madras and later pursued his MBA at UT, Austin. He worked in Silicon Valley for some time before moving back to Mumbai to rejoin his family business. However, nowadays he is totally devoted to Customate Systems believing that his product can change the way businesses acquire and use software.

Omkar Adgaonkar
Senior Programmer

How We Work?

We work in an Agile manner in collaboration with the customer users. We take up small parts of the product and in implement in short cycles all the while allowing the users to test and ask for changes as needed.

This keeps the users happy as it gives them what they need and yet the work happens faster and more smoothly.

What Others Say
Thank you for creating a great crm which is to the original brief. All of the team were very helpful & always kept me informed.

David Huggett