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Set your own rules

Be in complete control with your own multi-level rules for approvals and edits. Plan your expense budgets beforehand and let the system monitor them, alerting you every time there is a breach. Allocate expenses to cost heads and get better understanding of your costs.

Reports and Compliances

Breathe easy with auto calculations of compliance reports and compliances reminders. Various reports and statements as desired. Cost accounting reports and variances.

Easy Reconciliation

Easily reconcile your accounts with bank accounts or other 3rd party accounts. Never have a mis-step in your accounting statements.

Unique Features

  • Custom rules-based approval system for accounting entries

  • Easy reconciliation with banks

  • Rules based locking of accounts

  • Direct entry of purchase and sales from invoices

  • Automatic alert of accounting variances when large

  • All tax and other compliances and returns in formats as needed

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