custom cloud software

Our customers are many businesses that were against changing their well established ways of doing business to accomodate an erp, or, that were not satisfied just to have an erp but wanted to automate each and every part of their business and gain a total control over it. In their organizations, they wanted the things to happen as per rules and regulations set up by them and prompt notifications if things were out of expected. Once initial data is keyed in, they wanted the systems to do every thing - a kind of total automation - including giving all relevant information so that all a manager would have to do is to take the right decision.

Our Customers made a smart choice in choosing us and they will vouch for it. Below are some case studies on how some of our customers used Customate to change the way they operate saving costs and yet becoming more efficient and profitable

  • Vinayak Tube Sales Automation
  • Bygging India Inventory Automation
  • Simple Accounts