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Business Owners

Citizen/Business Developers

We provide Risk-free, Fully Custom Cloud Solutions for Business Process Automation

“Are you serious?” - you exclaim!

Yes, seriously! We will create a custom software as a service (SaaS) automating your business processes exactly as you practice them – and we will not charge you for making it (please see pricing section) - only pay us for using it! Plus, there is no infrastructure or hardware cost (everything is on super reliable and secure Amazon Web Services servers).

There is no risk involved as we will build it in an collaborative manner – that is, your employees, users can use it and suggest changes – and we will change them again and again - for free! We move on only once your users are satisfied!

And yes, we can do all this remotely in any part of the world. And, to make things easier, you talk only to business people who understand your business, because incredibly, all the programming will be done directly by them on our pathbreaking new platform! This revolutionary platform will be released in 2019 for use by every citizen developer or process professional to use and create software in a jiffy!

Not only that, our platform gives us the amazing capability to modify or to improve even "in use" systems as business processes improve or become more complex and business grows or changes. It helps put "organizational learning" right into system (not in some knowledge-base) making it productive right away. No more need for spreadsheets or other offline methods to automate business!

  • Custom -  No need to change your processes or your established way of working
  • Comprehensive -  Automate every part of your business or integrate with existing software
  • Fast -  Get your custom software in DAYS, not weeks or months
  • Bang for the Buck -  No cost of hardware, software licensing, maintenance contracts etc
  • Flexible -  Change software every time your processes or strategies or business itself change
  • Learning and Evolving -  Add your business learning directly in to the system constantly improving it

          Process Consultants

We can be good for your business and your customers, come collaborate with us

Business and Process Consultants, build your clients complete software solutions based on your own recommendations. Not just that, provide your clients a life time service to not only constantly improve and upgrade their processes but also back it up with upgraded software! Enjoy your clients' lifetime of gratitude and goodwill.

Benefits of Custom Cloud Solutions


With our unique platform that gives business and process folks that power to create software, soon businesses will be free to build, maintain, modify and extent software without any IT involvement. Once we release our platform for use by others, it will bring a revolution in the way process software industry operates. And the beneficiaries will be companies that will now be able to totally avoid all the time and costs that are associated with such software procurement, implementation and maintenance. This is the best business process management system you will ever find.

Total Automation

It’s not only about the area covered, but also the depth. Our system offers true and total automation as it allows every repetitive task including a repetitive thought to be automated. Every act or process can be algorithmized and be handed over to the computer to figure out. In this scheme of things humans only appear to take decisions or make approvals. Often, when to come in will also be cued to the users by the system itself.

Culture, Identity and Differentiation

In this competitive age, companies can carve out their unique identity by simply functioning according to their unique culture and personality. With our custom SaaS application that are super affordable and all encompassing, organizations can enforce their cultural mores, chart the desired identity and differentiate themselves in the market place with its unique personality.

Freedom for people to create and innovate

With complete automation and complete control comes complete freedom – freedom to run your business the way you like, freedom to expand and grow, freedom to innovate and create, freedom to build relationships. With all the free time, human resources of the company can concentrate on strategizing, planning, ideating and networking while letting the system do all the repetitive tasks. Complete custom cloud solutions for complete freedom!

Work and info flow across ecosystem

Our amazing technology can connect with any Customate system at a click of a button. That means systems can exchange work and information with systems belonging to supply chain partners and ecosystem companies as and when needed. This your ecosystem can be part of your workflow and business logic without fretting over integration.

One System to cover entire organization

By having one, single system automating most, if not all, of the processes the organizations can capture every impact that one part of a business can have another – especially how each part, each process affects the profit and loss statement. And with all this interlinked data the analysis and mining will bring about unforeseeable insights and predictions leading to new highs. Our system provides the best business process management solutions, period.

Complete Business Control

With one system covering the entire organization, with all kinds of complex business rules and policies already programmed in and with alerts and reminders from systems based on ones goals and desires to keep one aware and sharp – a complete centralized control of business can be achieved thus reducing operational risks tremendously.

Strategy and Plan based automation

With Customate platform, one can design or change their systems based to enable immediate strategies or plans and not based on well-established practices in a 5-year hiatus. This means systems can be proactive and can really help in achieving one’s goals and be successfully. Our custom cloud solutions are infinitely flexible even when in use and will set the tone everytime.

Learning, Evolving Lifelike System

Often organizational learning get stuck in knowledge bases and become part of the organization’s virtual furniture. There are rules that people do not follow as there might not be enough resources to enforce them. Process improvements and six-sigma outcomes are less successful if systems do not support them. Our lifelong service will keep the systems abreast with improvements and the systems will grow and become more capable with time and experience, just like living organisms.

AI based insights and predictions

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is now at the forefront of any futuristic machine based system. We at Customate are researching on adding the facility to provide AI based predictions and insights based on data being entered. This will guide business to avoid pitfalls and to follow the successful paths.

Revolutionary Technology

“How? How is this all possible?” – you can no longer hold yourself and burst out! What is the secret of our custom software as a service at low costs? What allows us to make changes on the go?

We have invented and built a unique, revolutionary platform where totally customized software can directly be created by business and process analysts. This means we have eliminated the need of layers of expensive IT teams and programmers from the process of software development. We have taken custom cloud computing to another level with our platform.

Why did we invent Customate Platform? Because we felt in today’s turbulent world small and medium businesses need automation just as much as big companies do to survive.

To cut the costs and bring in real efficiency the automations should cover all processes in the organization

To gain competitive advantage, the uniqueness in processes must be captured in custom automations

However, the automation MUST be affordable and fast as well as easy to implement

And with changing environment or business needs, the processes and corresponding software must evolve with time

Our Vision

Each and every business to be CUSTOM automated

All businesses to create and maintain their own bespoke software

All businesses connected to respective ecosystem and supply chain

Businesses to focus on process improvement, not software implementation

Our Story

Our story begins with our founder, Vivek, coming back from US having completed his MBS from UT, Austin and having worked in Silicon Valley and New Jersey. In his last assignment there, he was part of a team working on the CRM implementation in AT&T. Once back to his family business in Mumbai, India, a manufacturing business in steel pipes and tubes, he decided to use his learnings to automate is old-school company including the shop floor itself

However, his noble intentions were thwarted by many a hurdle as he soon realized that the kind of automation intensive system covering many complex aspects of the company’s manufacturing process were too much for most ERP products to deliver. After being disappointed having worked with a couple of ready made products over a period of 2 years, he decided to get a custom software made. However, he was overwhelmed by the experience of reinventing the wheel and realized first hand why SMB’s do not pursue custom programming.

Surprised at the lack of easy-to-customize-readymade option, he started researching the industry and was shocked to find the failure rates of automation projects in this industry. That’s when a design for a new kind of platform started to form shape in his mind. Rest, as they say, is now history in the making.


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  • Thank you for creating a great crm which is to the original brief. All of the CWD team were very helpful & always kept me informed.

    David Huggett,
  • Thank you for creating a great website which is to the original brief. All of the CWD team were very helpful & always kept me informed.

    David Huggett,
  • Thank you for creating a great website which is to the original brief. All of the CWD team were very helpful & always kept me informed.

    Dipak Modi,

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