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Live, Realtime Inventory
for Maximum Sales

Get instant, searchable information on your inventory so that you have complete information of your stock. Not only that, also have your purchase orders, sales invoicing and customer information in one place

Implementation in
collaboration with Users

Quick and fast implementation with Use-and-Improve methodology where less time is spent on requirement documents and more on actually using the software and making modifications till the users are satisfied.

Automate the processes to any level based on rules

Based on the comfort level, automate ordering, approvals, replenishment or any decision making to any extent based on rules and logic defined by the users.

Unique Features

  • Product lists, multilevel categories, multiple UOMs (for same item), serial and batch numbers

  • Track Inventory along with location/sublocation with QR coding and scan with phone

  • Bill of materials (BOM) and work orders, requisitions and issues

  • Automatic custom rules to alert and replenish stock and also to track stock expiry and be alerted

  • Stock transfers and

  • Multiple pricing, costing (LIFO, FIFO, Moving Average) and bulk price updates

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