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  • Usage Charge

    Minimum of 5 users

    Monthy@US $10 or 650 / Per User

    To be paid Annually

    For larger implementations we also offer commodity pricing based on actual usage:

    • Storage - $0.10 or 6 per GB per month of data ;

    • Data outflow - $ 0.25 or 15 per GB of data ;

    • Compute - $0.25 or 15 per hour of per GB of processor time;

    • Minimum - $50 or 3000 per month

  • Development Charge

    or Customization

    Promotional - First $1000 Free

    For Development or Modification our incredibly disruptive charges are:

    • $1 for each field

    • $2 for each button

    • $3 for each validation/condition/business rule*

    • $5 for every alert/notification

    • $10 for every workflow

    • $30 for every report/chart (other than those already available)

    • $50 for every printable, formatted report

What You Get

  • We have ready SaaS products for you. We can customize them to your (or your teams') heart's content.
  • We can create a completely new product for you - totally custom made.
  • Plus, we give you a life time service of constantly improving and modifying your application in line with the changes you see in your business (or even to push your plans) – as making changes is very easy.
  • In future, we will open up our platform technology to the world for one and all to create and manage their own respective products.

How You Get

  • We work in collaboration with the actual users in small instalments of work (agile development). We follow a Use and Change policy where we allow users to use the product and keep modifying till they are satisfied – this modification is NOT charged separately.
  • Once accepted by users, we move on to the next instalment of development.
  • As a promotional activity, we are giving away development credits of up to $1000 – that means no charge for work done up to that amount!
  • We do not charge any advance as well, however, after every work instalment of up to $250 (or nearby), you will have to deposit the billed amount to be adjusted from actual Usage billing that will start after the first development instalment bill.
  • This will continue till your promotional credits are exhausted, after which further payments will be treated as charges and not deposits.
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