Introducing Revolutionary Commodity Pricing

As of now we are offering our professional services to create totally customized products completely FREE* (see below). In near future, we will open up our patent pending technology for all to use and to easily create software on their own, again for FREE!!!

In addition, we are providing a lifetime service guarantee to modify or change software anytime in future at a nominal cost as given below.

Along with industry prevalent per person pricing, we are bringing the revolutionary AWS (IaaS) like Commodity Pricing to SaaS products. We are offering these 2 kinds of pricing for using our products -

Same price for any number of (or all) integrated, customized products -

1) $9.75 or INR 600 per person per month with a minimum of 5 users


2) Storage - $0.10 or INR 6 per GB per month of data ;
      Data outflow - $ 0.25 or INR 15 per GB of data ;
      Compute - $0.25 or INR 15 per hour of per GB of processor time;
      Minimum - $50 or INR 3000 per month or
We have many ready products available which can be customized as desired and integrated as one, or, a totally custom product can be created to fit your business needs exactly.

*We do NOT charge a fee either for customization or development from scratch, only a deposit, that is later adjusted against usage bills, is expected once the developed product (phase-wise)is tested and approved.

We work in an Agile manner creating smaller parts of the entire product in short scrum cycles - an iterative process in collaboration with the customer towards smaller well defined goals. After each such development cycle the customer has to start using the product after making a deposit as per the nominal Commodity Pricing rates below. Once in use any changes or modifications in future are charged at the same nominal rates -

$1 for each field
$2 for each condition/business rule
$3 for every alert/notification
$5 for every workflow
$30* for every report/chart (other than those already available)
$50* for every printable formatted report