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Save Money and Avoid Delays

Let the software take charge working with your rules – automate as much as possible so that there are no delays. Software acts like your personal assistant keeping alerting you of things to do.

Cut out the routine work

Automate all routine tasks such as sending enquiries to vendors, creating comparatives or getting approvals. Not your task to follow up anything from anybody, let the system do it automatically and get you all the approvals as needed.

Be on top of vendors and contracts

Let Vendors interact directly online with you thus cutting data entry times. Or have vendors reply to your automated emails about progress and delays. Let contracts milestones and statuses be directly monitored and you alerted only if and when needed.

Unique Features

  • Evaluate, Onboard and Manage Suppliers in a custom manner

  • Create multiple rate contracts and multiple rules-based prices and discounts

  • Automate replenishment and ordering – including purchase orders

  • Multiple Quotations and comparative statements that include rate contracts as well

  • Approval Process according to custom rules

  • Incoming inspection and Return Management

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